Pool Scuppers

Pool scuppers are an ideal choice when building a dream pool or water feature. Whether you want a series of scuppers for your pool lined along a wall, or a wider scupper to create a waterfall-like feature, we have something that will work for your design.

The beautiful thing about pool scuppers is that they tend to have a wider flow than a fountain spout, allowing for a slightly larger projection of water volume, and a beautiful sound comes along with that as well.

The sky is the limit when working with scuppers. They can be perfectly aligned or staggered high and low. You can also opt for a single scupper as the focal point of your fountain or swimming pool. With many different options available, you’re sure to find one that matches the design style of a landscape.

Our fountain scuppers and pool scuppers are available in a variety of finishes. A great finish can truly transform the look of not only the scupper, but of the entire water feature itself. A simple finish can alter a look from traditional, to contemporary, to rustic.

We offer a unique metal-on-metal electroplated finish that is both long-lasting and beautiful. Electroplating is not simply a paint job or a powder coating that many people are familiar with. It’s an actual metal plating adhered to your scupper through electromagnetic waves, creating a high-end, quality metal finish.

Take a look through our stunning options, and find the scupper that will transform your water feature design into the masterpiece you’ve been dreaming of. We also offer a variety of spouts, pool water bowls, and fire and water bowls for pools to create an even broader range of incredible landscape designs.