• Monaco Fountain


    The tiered Monaco Fountain is a stunning addition to an outdoor landscape. The beautifully detailed tiers spill into a gorgeous over-sized bowl. This is a piece that will catch the attention of guests and visitors and will be especially enjoyed by the residents themselves. The timeless fountain is available in a range of colors and textures so that you can customize the piece to get just the look you desire. Pump included. 

    • Material: Hardstone
    • Measurements/Specifications: 74" Height, 60" Diameter, 100 Gal. Cap.
    • Weight: 1,997 lbs
    • Maintaining: Care and weatherproofing instructions included. 
    Call us for a quote or with questions at: 949-329-8355

    Disclaimer: Air pockets are a common occurrence in precast products. Any Design Cast product can display air pockets.
    The frequency and size of air pockets is not controllable in any way. An example of common air pockets is pictured on the right.