• Arc II Pool Fountain Scupper


    Arc II Pool Fountain Scupper

    Our Arc II Pool Fountain Scupper is very similar to our ever-popular Arc Scupper...a remix if you will. It has a nice thick backplate and more robust presence with great lines and elegance. It is an ideal choice when you're making a spout or scupper selection for your pool or outdoor fountain. 

    This is a sturdy brass piece that we can have finished to your liking. Whether you like the weathered look of Weathered Copper shown in the photo above, the rustic feel of Tiffany Patina, or a modern Satin Nickel, the color can be tailored to your project and style. 

    • Material: Brass
    • Size: 1 1/2" Inner Diameter Spout, 5 1/2" Backplate, 6 1/2" Projection
    • Connection: 1 1/2 inch FPT
    • Material: Brass
    • Recommended Flow: 5 - 10 GPM
    • Weight: 6 lbs
    • Warranty: 5 year on finish and 10 year on product
    • Dura-Coat Included 
    Call us for a quote or with questions at: 949-329-8355