Pool Water Bowls

Pool Water Bowls

There are many options when it comes to choosing pool water bowls. Different materials such as concrete, fiberglass, various metals, and stone are used. At Water Scuppers and Bowls we offer hardstone concrete and copper bowls.

Hardstone Bowls

Our hardstone bowls are made of a concrete mixed with various fibers to hold the bowl together for a longer-lasting product. The bowls are wonderful in a variety of elements and weather conditions. Bowls purchased by our customers currently weather the harsh winters of the East Coast and hot summers of the desert. Of course, you can always purchase a bowl cover for extra protection.

We love these bowls, not just because of their quality and beautiful design, but also because each bowl has its own unique texture. Available in a selection of beautiful, earthy tones, our concrete scupper bowls come in both smooth and sandblasted textures. Our smooth texture, while mostly smooth, will have several air pockets that occur during the casting and curing process. It gives the bowls dimension, personality, and texture. If you’re not a fan of the air pockets, our sandblasted finish does cover those up a bit, and gives your bowl the look of being blasted with sand in your color of choice. Sandblasted bowls feature a general tone with tiny flecks of color, which can sometimes help tie together the many colors within your landscaping project.

Copper Bowls

The copper bowls that we offer are limited in size and selection, but certainly not in beauty. These pieces create a stunning look and truly stand out against more earthy tones and textures in a landscape. They truly ‘pop’ against both dark and light tones of stone, tile, etc.

These bowls are versatile and work for pools and fountains alike. The copper material is one of our favorites because when cared for, it last a long time, and works with nearly any type of water you may be using for your pool or fountain.

Copper bowls are more pricey that our hardstone options, but offer a luxurious feel that can’t be beat.

With our fountain and pool water bowls, we also have an assortment of matching concrete planters, so you can coordinate your landsape perfectly.

If you want a beautiful water feature, but prefer metal fixtures, don’t forget to take a look at our pool scuppers, fountain spouts, and other stunning pieces.