Copper Bowl Inserts

When you purchase pool fountain bowls from us, you may want an extra touch of elegance, or something to make your bowls stand out a bit more.

A copper insert is the perfect addition to your hardstone concrete spillbowl. We often get asked what these are good for and it’s typically one of two things.

Copper inserts can be used purely for decorative purposes. The copper gives your bowls a great look an a little extra personality. These scupper inserts can also be used if the scupper (the spillover portion) of your bowl reaches a little shorter over the edge of your pool than you would like, or if you are experiencing some backsplash underneath the scupper onto your wall or edge of your pool. The inserts are set into the scupper and can be slid backwards or forwards to get the distance that you want, then sealed with the material of your choice.