About Us

Landscaping and design is no stranger to our co-founder. As a teenager living on the East Coast, he spent his summers cleaning pools and doing landscape work, making pretty good money for a kid while learning great skills and finding his passion for enjoyment in the beauty of landscapes. After relocating to Southern California he took a job at a company that worked directly with Homeowners, Architectural Firms, Landscape Architectural Firms, Pool Designers, and Commercial Builders all around the country. It was during his time there that he was inspired to give customers great service and quality products for their landscape designs. He later started Water Scuppers & Bowls, LLC, keeping these principles as our top priority.

Our mission is simple: 
To provide each customer with quality service, quality products, on-time delivery, and a great warranty. WSB is a company that you can rely on.

We love serving you and making your beautiful pools, fountains and landscapes complete.

Thank you for making Water Scuppers & Bowls your choice for water features!